2012 Interview With Shaman Alberto Villoldo

A debate is raging over whether Dec. 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar, heralds a doomsday of apocalyptic proportions — or the dawning of a golden age in consciousness. In the new documentary 2012: Science or Superstition, featured this month by SpiritualCinemaCircle, scientists and experts present both the science behind the Mayan calendar as well as a positive message that we will be ushered into a new age of elevated consciousness and increased awareness.

One of the experts featured in the film is Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., a medical anthropologist who has researched the healing traditions of the Andes and the Amazon for over 20 years. Founder of The Four Winds Society and author of more than 10 books including Courageous Dreaming, The Four Insights and Shaman Healer Sage, Dr. Villoldo is dedicated to bridging ancient wisdom with modern medicine and psychology. He recently shared with us his perspective on 2012.



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