Beyond 2012: Practical Tools for Your Transformation With massive changes happening on every level — to the environment, the financial system, our bodies and immune systems, our consciousness, even our intimate relationships — where can you find the tools and techniques to prepare yourself, your family and your loved ones through the coming years?

We’re excited to announce the teleseminar series, “Beyond 2012: Practical Tools for Your Transformation.” Please join us and explore concrete ways to make transformation real in our daily lives.

This teleseminar intensive is about how to take clear, practical steps to address the huge changes in food, consciousness, community, economy, health and intimacy that are taking place today. is the new social network for online collaboration and off-line activation, where you discover and share the new tools, ideas and projects that improve your life and change the world.

This series is devoted not just to understanding change, but to practical ways of making change — in how you eat, drink, love, build community, participate or not in global economic winds, cultivate self and community survive-and-thrive practices. We’ve assembled an extraordinary group of leading thinkers and practitioners for this series — from bestselling authors to inspirational teachers to groundbreaking community organizers — to be interviewed by Daniel Pinchbeck, author of 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl.

Among the topics covered, you will learn:

– How to live richly and abundantly in the face of (perceived) scarcity.

– How to find and build community that nurtures your gifts and returns you to what it means to be human in connection with others and with the web of life on this planet.

– How to thrive without dependence on corporations, atrophied institutions and governments.

– How to catalyze and utilize collective intelligence.

– How to create food where none existed and other secrets of urban farming.

– How to create new, thriving models of community.

– How to launch empowering microcurrencies.

– How to help lead the way out of our time of failed relationships and stunted sexual liberation, which causes confusion, failed marriages, private misery, wasting our precious emotional and psychic resources.

– Secrets of how to communicate with anyone — from a place of empathy, mutual empowerment and inspiration.

It all starts on June 4th. Please go here to meet the teachers and learn more about this exciting event.


Daniel, Ken, Adam, and the Evolver Team