My Language of Mathematics

I’m working on the third series for The Language of Mathematics, so I figured it would be a good idea to finally put together torrents for Series I and II. This is the first time that I’m creating a torrent and as far as I can figure it out everything works, so please seed.

The videos are the same quality as the ones that have already been shared. As soon as I upgrade my hardware and software, figure out what I’m going to do about the music that I’ve sampled, finish a conversation that I‘ve started about the state of the world, and take care of a few other technicalities, higher resolution videos will be provided. Hopefully I will be able to time this with the release of a DVD in conjunction with going live with a website specifically dedicated to The Language of Mathematics.

Until then, I hope you enjoy, and find use for, the 58 math instructional and related videos, totaling approximately 7 hours, that are included in the following two torrents:

chycho’s The Language of Mathematics Series I – Videos 1 to 35

chycho’s The Language of Mathematics Series II – Videos 36 to 58