Believers Beware — The Sequel to Hijacking Humanity

New from and comes the anticipated sequel to “The Cause of Effect: Hijacking Humanity”:

Please visit to learn more, and be sure to check out an exclusive article on the production of Believers Beware in the August Edition of Tragedy and Hope Magazine –

“Believers Beware” features over 2 dozen exclusive interviews with such visionaries as:

-International author/speaker David Icke

- radio host Meria Heller

-Gerson Institute founder Charlotte Gerson,

-8thEstate Media founder Richard Grove

-“The Holy Mushroom” author/researcher Jan Irvin

-“Loose Change” filmmaker Dylan Avery

-Hip-Hop artist Remo Conscious

- founder Luke Rudkowski, -“Illuminati” author/researcher Henry Makow Ph.D

-“Sacred G” creator Cory Herter

-“Fabled Enemies” filmmaker Jason Bermas, -Healer/researcher Kennith Walter

-Healer/researcher Lorne Stefanus

-Researcher/entrepreneur Adam Earth

and many many more!

This video is a long-form trailer with short excerpts from some of the film’s main interviews.

This film covers a variety of subjects, from Hemp and Cannabis to the Prison Industrial Complex, then delving into the history of the FDA, Big Pharma, and the Medical Industrial Complex, we re-examine the (failed) War on Drugs to see who’s really profiting. Moving onto what alternative therapies exist that are actually suppressed, Believers Beware takes on the notions of Health and Food in a way you may not have considered, next the film takes you on a journey through our Vibrational Conscious Awareness, shedding some light on our old Belief Systems, and finally we conclude with a focus on the positive social trends, like conscious hip-hop and empowering activism – helping to change things for the better, one heart and mind at a time.

Believers Beware is scheduled to become available on September 22nd, 2009. See it and Feel it. Enjoy the upgrade in consciousness!