Final Word: The Fake Left

There has been much discussion as of late that needs to be expanded beyond the 140-character limit so beloved of my generation. To summarize, my friends largely separate, politically speaking, into two groups. Those who see capitalism as something inherently destructive, exploitative, and oppressive that needs to be done away with in the same way that feudalism and slavery were done away with.

And on the other side there are those who seek a reconciliation with the “progressive” political forces which seek to reform capitalism into something less brutal. It is not my intention in this article to make the case for socialism per se. Rather, I would like to show why I find the assertion that a “middle ground” between capitalism and socialism should / can be pursued is not only deluded and false, but actively destructive, historically speaking.

Those pursue a course of reform within the confines of the currently existing system are not people who pursue the same goal as me at a more moderate pace. They are people who pursue an entirely different aim, one which I am opposed to, and which, historically speaking, has been a total disaster for the working class at home and internationally.



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