Happy Canada Day! Anyone Up For an ‘Escape to Canada’?

Around the world, Canada is known for its beavers, Mounties and winter climate. But a new image of the country is emerging, one of potent marijuana, gay marriage and new freedoms.

In 2003, gay marriage and marijuana were legalized in Canada on the same day. Coincidence or trend? Either way, suddenly, Canada changed forever and Canadians began enjoying their “new found” freedoms-north-of-the-border of the country that proclaims to be the true “Land of the Free.”

Soon, Canadians were not the only ones enjoying the newly forged liberties, as Americans raced across the border to marry same-sex partners and smoke marijuana in peace. AWOL U.S. army soldiers arrive seeking refugee status. To many, Canada had become a red-and-white beacon of freedom around the world.