Serbia’s Worst War Criminal Spent Decade Posing As New-Age Guru

How did a Serbian war criminal hide from the world as a bioenergy-channeling, alternative-medicine-peddling, bearded and, well, nutty guru?

From 1995 until his arrest last year, Radovan Karadzic was the most hunted war criminal on the planet. As president of the Republika Srpska during the early 1990s, Karadzic led, with the aid of Slobodan Milosevic of Serbia, a brutal war of “ethnic cleansing” against Bosnia’s Muslims.

However, after the International Criminal Tribunal indicted him for genocide, Karadzic disappeared, going underground and posing as a tofu-eating new-age therapist named Dragan Dabic, who was especially interested in treating “strong-blooded women who cannot live without sex.” Amazingly, the disguise worked so well that Dabic became a minor celebrity in Belgrade, with a national magazine column and a key position at a Connecticut-based vitamin company. Could your dietitian/yoga instructor/therapist be a mass murderer in disguise?