Find Out How You’ll Die, In 4 Easy Online Steps

A new website lets you figure out how you might die, by sorting death data by cause of death, sex, and age. For American males ages 20-29, the most common cause of death is accidents (40.2 percent of deaths), followed by homicide (17.5 percent), and suicide (11.7 percent). Urinary tract infections? 0.3 percent.

The Death Risk Rankings site was compiled by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, and seems to have about a zillion ways to organize the data. It’s quite cumbersome to use, so I’m going to save you the effort.

I generated tables for cause of death by age group and by sex. Here’s some of the highlights and a cheat sheet on how to find your own data.

For American females, ages 20-29, the most common cause of death is still accidents (32.3 percent), followed by cancer and homicide. Are women dying more from cancer than men? No. Looking at the the raw numbers, deaths from cancer are about the same between the ladies and the gents, but the women aren’t getting murdered or having deadly accidents to nearly the same extent.



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