McDonald’s Website (Just for Black People) … Finally!

“McDonald’s has really stepped up to the plate with 365Black.” — Kevin M., Radio Personality and Former McDonald’s Employee, Washington, D.C.

“I promote a lot of events through my job at the radio station, and now that I think about it, the first party I ever promoted was my birthday party at McDonald’s. I worked there as a teenager too – I made money while working with my friends and I loved it. I learned teamwork and still keep that with me today. Now, I’m involved with McDonald’s on a much deeper level.

I see ways that McDonald’s can show the community they are “deeply rooted” and I bring those ideas to my local restaurants. These restaurants have had events like a clothing drive, reading nights and a coin drive every weekend during Black History Month. We raised over $1,000 for a community scholarship with the coin drive. McDonald’s is deeply rooted 365 days a year so we plan to continue doing events like these that make a difference and show McDonald’s commitment to the community.”