Pastor Preaches ‘Obama Should Die’

Listen to Pastor Steve Anderson’s sermon to his flock of wingnuts at the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona.


  • geoffwhyte

    those same republicans who tried to say Obama shouldnt be The Pres because he went to a baptist church where Rev Wright preached in all honesty some truths about how america have treated its own people, seemed to have all gone quiet on this one…? Why is that… I wonder… make you’re own mind up
    also..If This poor excuse for a human being was a muslim, there would be uproar, instead it was hardly a news story for long. Why is that… I wonder… make you’re own mind up

    Does this mean that all baptists believe in this hate? No, but make you’re own mind up, and all christians hate black people , because I cannot think of any other reason why he would want Obama to die & not bush, again make your own minds up & challenge this statement please..
    yet these narrow minded people (if you can call them that) are unable to see the islamic extremists are exactly that – extremist ( just like this ****)
    yet they want to bash Islam & Muslims, but this Devil is ok will just ignore it & let him carry on spewing his Vile.
    There are a lot of decent people in America, but there’s a hell of a lot of people there who also let your counrty down (and you let them) & you all then get tarred with that same brush unfortunatly.
    I challenge anyone to respond with a credible answer as to why any good man with a good heart trying to do the best for EVERYONE after being dealt the worst hand ever seen in most of our lifetime
    should have to hear that kind of vile hateful spew or for that matter the words I hope he fails.
    I guarentee NO credible answer.
    just more hate & scaremongering. I
    Its also annoying how some will say oh the debt to our childern, when if they really cared they would take global warming seriously because thats the FACT facing our children that they dont care about because it probably wont affect them. How considerate do they really expect us to believe thats the real reason they oppose or just a reason to jump on.MAKE YOUR OWN MINDS UP. some of them open, so many closed.

  • geoffwhyte

    not sure why I even bothered to weigh in on this Fraff

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully it happens sooner rather than latter.

  • fkyoutoo

    Hopefully it happens sooner rather than latter.

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