Sitting Now Podcast: Druids, Satan and Crud with Isaac Bonewits

Isaac Bonewits has had a fantastically rich career in occultism. From becoming the ArchDruid of the RDNA, to helping reconstruct the ‘Caliphate’ branch of the OTO, Isaac gives us a fantastically engaging, frank and often funny, interview.

Discussed this week: Why Neo-paganism appears to be changing, How to get thrown out of the Church of Satan by Aton Lavay, being awarded the only recognised academic degree in ‘Magic’, the effect of ‘crud’ on estoterism, and uncle Aleister.

We finally did it, we reached episode 30! To celebrate the ‘big 3 0′ we decided to invite back co-hosts Raymond Wiley and Austin Gandy to get the proceedings in full swing, and booked a guest that we’ve been hankering after for a while now. To top this off, we also recorded the show live (something we plan to do from now on), and our audience gave us some great questions!