British Girl Dies After Vaccination

Adding fuel to the fire that has been growing as a result of rumors of government-mandated swine flu vaccination, the “vaccines are poisons” crowd will surely jump on this. The question I have is more along the lines of do vaccines do more harm than good? It would be such a large violation of the Hypocratic Oath that I really find it hard to believe that all doctors advising their patients to take the vaccine would be blind to a nefarious New World Order conspiracy to wipe out or dumb down the population. Thoughts anyone?

Here’s part of the story as related by AFP:

LONDON — An urgent investigation was under way on Tuesday after a 14-year-old school girl collapsed and died after being vaccinated against cervical cancer.
The girl, who was named as Natalie Morton, died on Monday shortly after being injected with the Cervarix vaccine at the Blue Coat CofE school in Coventry.
The vaccine, which is made by pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline, is being administered to schoolgirls as part of a national vaccination programme to protect against the disease.
Health authorities immediately isolated the suspect batch of vaccine which protects against Human Papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually-transmitted virus which is the primary cause of cervical cancer.


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  1. Emperor_Reagan | Sep 29, 2009 at 10:38 am |

    I think the anti-vaccine crowd should apply their logic to all medication – all medicines are poison because a certain percentage of the population will have an adverse reaction to them. Ban modern medicine!

  2. I must admit, this whole goatfuck has been weighing heavily on my mind recently…

    I've been doing my best to alert everyone to the dangers that may be coming our way in the next few months, but the vast majority of people are more content to bury their heads in the sand then actually face up to the fact that our governments are involved in some diabolical conspiracy against humanity.

    I find it deeply disturbing that supposedly intelligent people scoff at the idea that there is indeed a shadowy NWO heirarchy pulling the strings, and that as long as they pay their taxes and keep watching the latest in mindfuck reality TV, then they'll be safe, happy and free from harm!

    People need to wake the fuck up…….and fast. If there's anyone in the UK that feels the same way as I do, feel free to get in touch! I'd appreciate hearing from anyone that wants to hook up and discuss ways to prepare for the shitstorm on the horizon…..

    Peace, love and all that good stuff……………Dandroid x

    PS: Find me at;

  3. I like the new look of the place. Nice.

    I doubt very seriously that most doctors and nurses are “in on it”. They are working out of ignorance and blind trust (foolish as that has proved to be over the past several decades).

    I think all one has to do is notice the people who get the flu after getting the shot to see how effective it is (last year, every person in my family, non-immediate) took the shot. 100% got the flu.

    My immediate family did not take the shot, were around these people often when sick and none of us got it.

    Medical practitioners are just as gullible as everyday Sheople. This is nothing new.

    There will be no way someone is stabbing me with the H1N1 vaccine. If you feel as if you need that shot. Good luck (and “Baaaa”).

  4. polymorpheous | Sep 29, 2009 at 11:02 am |

    tried to post this story last night. still haven't figured this new site out…

    thanks for posting majestic!

  5. I've been amazed by the persistent belief in New World Order related fantasies that have spun out of the swine flu season, I'm sure the fan base for such things will swoon at the news that someone, somewhere, finally died after a shot…the wrong shot admittedly, but such careful distinctions are meaningless to the fanatic's mind.

    At the end of the day, it still comes down to another archetypal media feeding frenzy backing a cash cow for pharmaceutical corporations. It's greed…it happens every day, in every country around the world. It doesn't take an interplanetary conspiracy for humanity to simply muck up with a poorly tested vaccine rushed to market to meet a pre-spun demand. In the meantime, your odds of catching some form of rhinovirus are still relatively high, and your odds of survival in any Western or modernized nation are still spectacular.

    Mostly…I can't wait til winter has come and gone and I can viciously rub every Alex Jones/Glenn Beck fans noses in their delusional outbursts…but I can be petty that way when I've endured months of panic induced idiocy.

  6. ChrisChaos | Oct 1, 2009 at 10:57 am |

    The findings of a prilimary autopsy show that she died from the effects fo a cancerous tumour that had spread through her chest cavity affecting both the heart and lungs.

  7. Hello,
    the following tools may be used – and spread worldwide – by all, who realized that there is nothing to discuss with the doctors:
    . . .

    Vaccinations are medical fraud manoeuvres; in their effects weapons of mass destruction employed against a population which, to a large extent, is unsuspecting and suppressed

    Vaccinations are inefficient, except that they cause damages. This is well known since the time of the first vaccinations. In 1796, the English country doctor Jenner cut the peoples’ skin to infect them with harmless cowpox in order to find out whether these would have an effect on the frightening human smallpox. Jenner’s son died. Jenner could never provide any evidence that by the means of cowpox there could be achieved immunisation against human smallpox. Later on, it was Jenner himself to warn insistently against the dangers of vaccination. But the vaccination business had already got going and the doctors were keeping all vaccination accidents secret. The gloriole of HEAL was outshining all the dead people. There are some who are in darkness / And the others are in light / And you see the ones in brightness / Those in darkness drop from sight.

    In India, the World Health Organization was carrying out vaccinations on millions of people for seven years and a half, against tuberculosis. The catastrophic result was to be kept secret; but in 1971 it came to light nevertheless: the vaccination against tuberculosis was totally ineffective. But the profit millions had rolled in.

    In 1930, in the German town of Lübeck, 250 children were subject to forced vaccination against tuberculosis. More than a quarter of the children died immediately, and there was hardly any child who got away without a handicap. This experiment, of which the deathly outcome was well known, was repeated 40 years later on a mass-scale in India by the World Health Organization, with the same, previously known results. Today, thousands of Indians are still marked badly by the injuries of that vaccination – if they have survived at all.

    Helpers in words – hangmen in deed: the World-Hangmen-Organization. India, the so-called Third World, the poor people, grateful for any help, this crime scene had been selected by the WHO with caution, that is to say with every malice and insidiousness. Already Paul Ehrlich, originator of the chemotherapy, and his kind had raged themselves out with their medical experiments in the colonies, which were at those times still German, and they were raging by far more worse than the later KZ-doctors, some of them hanged in Nuremberg in 1947. Paul Ehrlich was awarded the Dynamite Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1908. Today there is the Paul Ehrlich Institute. The latter being here under criminal charges.
    Vaccinations are the medical doctors’ botch-ups, bio-weapons coming from the medical laboratories.
    . . .
    If you see a doctor
    Knock him down at once!

  8. In 1918, the 'Spanish' flu had a very high death rate. Using H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide), a group of doctors were able to significantly reduce the death rate of people who were already sick. There is a report from the time in the archives of the Lancet medical journal. Why is this not more widely known? Where did Spanish flu come from? Where did Swine flu come from….?

    I used to get pneumonia every winter, flu vaccinations made me sick, and antibiotics (while useful for many things) also cause a lot of other problems. 5 years ago, the last time I had pneumonia, I finally acted on information from friends about hydrogen peroxide therapy. At the time, there was a lot of information on the internet. I have not had a cold or the flu since that time, even though my exposure to sick people has not changed.

    In the meantime, food grade peroxide (35%) has become more difficult to find. The information is disappearing from the net. This is a natural product, very cheap, which cannot be patented because it is like water; found naturally in the environment. There is no interest from big pharma for research into this because there is little money to be made. a litre sells for about $12 Canadian and is enough to last almost a year for a family, with daily use. (dilute to 3%, use 25 drops a day)

    Athletes generally don't get sick as often as other people, apparently because consistent excersize puts more oxygen in their blood. most bad bugs and viruses are anaerobic, right? peroxide adds oxygen to the blood. it is, after all, H2O with an extra oxygen molecule…H2O2….Ozone therapy is another form of the same thing. Special places where water is ozonated naturally have been known for centuries, many of them are 'health retreats' or have been in the past. Glacier water is said to be ozonated as well.

    So why, with world concern over flu pandemic and death rates, is this not being shouted from the mountaintops?
    Doctors can only recommend what is 'approved' as medicine. They have to be cautious. Water is not medicine. h2o2 is not medicine either, yet solutions offered to us seem to be directly related to how much money they will generate for the seller, leaving doctors caught in the tide.

    I would very much like to see some new research done by unbiased biology professionals. I know for certain that I will not get H1N1.

    any comments?

  9. “hippocratic”

  10. Anonymous | Nov 4, 2009 at 2:56 am |

    Yeah, you are a schill. Nice try Illuminati fucker.

  11. nunyabizniz | Nov 3, 2009 at 10:56 pm |

    Yeah, you are a schill. Nice try Illuminati fucker.

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