Disinfo’s Gary Baddeley Talks 2012 On CBS News, Tries ‘Yes Men’ Survivaball

I was invited up to the GM Building where CBS News stages its Early Show. They wanted to talk about 2012 and host Cali Carlin and producer Rick Borutta did a great job of featuring our film 2012: Science or Superstition and our new website 2012sos.net. Unfortunately they also invited my old friend Andy Bichlbaum from The Yes Men, who brought along his latest creation, the Survivaball.

Andy actually got arrested and jailed for over 24 hours while wearing one earlier in the week, so I suppose my 10 minutes or so wearing one weren’t bad in comparison. Still, it isn’t the most flattering thing I’ll ever wear. Check it out for a laugh here:

2012 and the Survivaball Video

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