Economics of the Madhouse

From Black Sun Gazette:

As reported earlier here on Black Sun Gazette, the economic recovery is in full swing — if you’re a social parasite. The DJIA has been on a slide in recent days but never mind that. Barclays Bank is optimistic about American recovery. Both the President and his Treasury Department are hailing signs of economic recovery hesitantly … but with more a tone of “you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!” than anything else. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is describing a new era of international cooperation on the economy. Still, others argue that how you see the economic recovery depends a lot on where you’re standing. In the final analysis, the current economic situation lays bare the madness of a economic system organized for the superprofits of an elite and privileged few.

If you’re standing in a place looking for a job, the outlook is grim, particularly for younger workers. Indeed, the idea of a “jobless recovery” is a bit absurd to any thinking member of the working class. Many workers are still underemployed, laid off from good paying jobs with benefits, digging themselves into a deeper credit hole struggling to get by with a McJob. Many more are terrified of losing their jobs in an economy where job seekers outnumber jobs six to one. Finally, there are secondary effects of unemployment which are particularly chilling.

The G20 meeting (where the hogs unsurprisingly engaged in a nakedly fascistic assault against the democratic liberties of workers) ended with a pledge to strengthen the current “recovery.” However, the current economic situation is strikingly one of increased international tensions. Of particular interest is the rumor that China may ban exports of precious metals and a growing trade war between the United States and China.

To reiterate my broken record note, the continued push toward a naked military assault on Iran continues. War is always profitable. Weapons are no good if they just sit there collecting dust, because eventually you have way more than you need. Blowing up a few cities creates a need for new bombs to replace the ones just used. Further, using larger weapons such as nukes or newer “conventional” weapons capitalists also get the benefit of completely destroying the infrastructure of their imperialist rivals. Selling high end goods is profitable, but few things are more profitable than utterly destroying a country and then selling them the money to rebuild themselves (workers’ states need not apply).

Predictably, the organs of ruling class propaganda tell us that as bad as the economy is “things could be worse.” But they also expose their fears and anxieties. “Social unrest” could take many forms. But history shows that situations such as the current economic downturn open the door for social movements which carry the potential to end the economic system that puts all of us at the mercy of business cycles that a narrow layer profits from quite handsomely.

Of course, you and I know that the economic downturn hasn’t decreased the amount of work that needs to be done in the world. American infrastructure is decaying at a level described as “edging toward crisis.” Indeed, the blame for the catastrophic bridge collapse in Minnesota can be laid squarely upon the profit system. America also has a widely acknowledged lack of nurses. A study on intensified exploitation of the working class exposes what almost every worker knows- they are being asked to do more with less, and for less pay. Flagrant violations of labor and safety laws naturally increase when there are six unemployed workers for every job available.

In the future, I suspect that people will find it bewildering that roads decayed and sick people died when there were legions of people ready to do the necessary work, all because of the profit system. It seems necessary to once again point out: there is no lack of money. Rather, the social allocation of resources heavily favors defense contractors, torturers, bankers, and other social parasites. From the point of view of the profit system, it makes a lot of sense to put resources where they will get the greatest yield. But ask yourself this question- is this the mark of a sane world, or one which is so mad that the madmen are not only running the asylum, but have redefined sanity?


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