Geek Songwriter Urges All Death Rays Be Open Source

“I hope I’m not nurturing an army of supervillains without knowing it,” says “Codemonkey” songwriter Jonathan Coulton “But in some sense, I do think that maybe the ‘death ray’ is a metaphor for the project that is crazy and that everybody thinks is a waste of time…

“We all have the opportunity to make that ‘death ray’ in our spare time for very little money and publish it to massive numbers of people. Just, if you do make a death ray, make it open source, because that’s the most stable way to do it.”

He also predicts the music industry will become “mega-collaboration on a global scale.” (“When you think about the trend in music and post-modern art, it makes sense. You’re incorporating parts of other pieces into the pieces that you’re making. And now this is a thing that children grow up knowing how to do…”)

Saying he hopes to be massively sampled, he adds “I just want to be part of the DNA of all future entertainment. Is that too much to ask?”

(This article was originally just in the free digital edition of the upcoming H+ magazine, but it’s achieved sentience and freed itself!)