‘How Weed Won the West’ Trailer #1

While California is going bankrupt, one business is booming. How Weed Won the West is the story of the growing Medical Marijuana industry in the greater Los Angeles area, with over 700 dispensaries doling out the buds. Following the story of Organica, a southland dispensary owned by Jeff Joseph that was raided by the DEA in August of ’09, the film shows that although much has changed with Obama in office, the War on Drugs is nowhere near over.

From Kevin Booth, the producer/director of Showtime’s American Drug War, How Weed Won the West shows how California could be an example to the rest of the country by showing how legalizing marijuana can benefit the economy.

Starring Alex Jones, Ethan Nadlemann, Craig X Rubin, Doug Stanhope, Jeff Joseph, Theresa Blaylock, Don Duncan, Bill Kroger, and more.

A Kevin Booth Film. Edited by Ryan Kaye. Coming to DVD October 15! Pre-order now at SacredCowStore.com and get special VIP access to free digital download outtakes!


2 Comments on "‘How Weed Won the West’ Trailer #1"

  1. New movie coming out in October. “How Weed Won West” #mmot, #marijuana.

  2. LegalBuddy | Oct 22, 2009 at 3:02 pm |

    Today you can find legal smoke shops where you can buy some kind of legal weed, so there are smart people who can find a backdoor no matter what. And another backdoor is to have an illness that needs “medical use” of marijuana:)))

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