Obamaphilia Deconstructed

Every four years (constantly, actually, as people attempt to argue away their shame between elections with this line) I am forced to listen to hysterical liberals, craven reformist leftists, and nervous anarchists lecture me on the relative merits of corporate sponsored politicians.

This hit an arguable peak in the last election as white guilt, media distortions, and eight years of Bush added up to the perfect storm of prostration before the Democratic Party. Even to this day, friends of mine, intelligent friends who ought to know better, take the tone of a frightened child when referring to John McCain bleating without thinking “but at least he was better than McCain.”

Not getting scared into voting for the puppet on the left hand of our corporate masters every four years is precisely why I am proud not to be a liberal. As a helpful guide to all BSG readers on precisely why they shouldn’t believe the Hope — not now, not four years from now, not twelve years from now — I present the following review of the more egregious sins of the Obama Administration.


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