Open Thread: Race in America

The subject of the alleged racism of the Obama “Joker” poster associated (I believe- though please correct me if I’m wrong) with the Alex Jonesephiles came up at a PDX0 BBQ recently. A friend asked me if I thought it was racist. I said that I hadn’t even seen the poster, but that my intuition told me that it probably is. I’m still not really sure what I think of it, other than that it seems stupid, irritating, and vaguely fascistic. I’d reproduce the image here, but I’m really kind of grossed out by it for reasons that I can’t articulate.

Then comes Jimmy Carter’s assertion that Joe Wilson’s recent outburst worthy of the NSDAP (who were always ready to disrupt parliamentary procedure in the Reichstag and then cry out that “democracy doesn’t work”) was “racist.” The common thread is the disruption of normal democratic forms in favor of goonism. From the health care town hall disruptions to the recent display of blatant breach of parliamentary decorum, the ripe stink of fascism seems to be in the air. And I haven’t even mentioned Blackwater and the Family.



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