Do You Want to Know Why Iran has a Nuclear Program?

By chycho:

I had an American friend tell me that she was fascinated with Iran, and wanted to know my opinion regarding Iran’s nuclear program, especially since a so-called new plant was just announced, or “revealed”, depending on your perspective and source of information.

Below you will find my reply to her question, and a re-post of the first article. Please note that these articles were written over the last few years so there is some repetition between them. Facts do not disappear over time, so I believe it’s always a good idea to repeat some of the important points.

Just to make sure that the most recent US accusations at the UN regarding Iran’s nuclear program are put into context, it’s important to know that CNN has revealed that “The United States was aware of Iran’s unfinished uranium enrichment site for several years.”

My email reply, links to previous posts, and a re-post of the first article follow: