Real World Embraces “Augmented Reality” Apps

H+ magazine:

One researcher overlayed Second Life avatars onto the real world by projecting reprocessed virtual data directly into the eyes, while 13 new “augmented reality” games have been developed in the last 15 months, and an AR company called Total Immersion is already working with the Department of Defense. “The educational, entertainment, artistic and business applications are nearly limitless,” argues futurist Michael Anissimov. “The technology allows a blurring between the real and virtual on a scale that’s never been seen before.”

And one app even offers virtual X-ray vision, and suggests the prospect of mapping user manuals directly onto an object!

This article appears in the first issue of H+ magazine to hit newsstands (today!), but an update on their web page cites a “rapidly accelerating” augmented reality market, describing Layar’s plans to release an iPhone version of their AR app this week (after whichRoboVision predicts “half a dozen” competitors).

Layar’s live cell phone video is already available on an Android phones (including the T-Mobile MYTouch), and they now say 100 developers are already working on instant toggling capabilities, with 500 more developers expected after the next release.

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