Russian Hackers Posing as Department of Homeland Security

*Not only do hackers boldly pose as members of the Department of Homeland Security, they do so in order to intimidate people in the Federal government.

*I rather imagine this kind of spearphishing works pretty well. “Hey! Drone from the Commerce Department! Turn over your password right now, or we put you on the Watch List! You’ll never fly domestic without relentless harassment again. What? ‘Demand your civil rights?’ With us, you don’t have any!”

–DHS Warns of Malicious Spoofed eMail

(August 24, 2009)

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has warned of malicious

email messages that appear to be from the DHS Division of Intelligence.

The emails actually come from addresses in Latvia and Russia and contain

links to malware designed to steal passwords. The messages were sent

to US Defense Department officials and state and local government

officials starting in June.


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