Traumatic Head Injury? Have A Shot of Vodka!

John Timmer writes on Ars Technica:

Blow to head? Drink up!: You could probably figure out the topic despite the medicalese in the title: “Positive Serum Ethanol Level and Mortality in Moderate to Severe Traumatic Brain Injury.” The study is a retrospective one, based on identifying a set of patients in trauma centers who had been diagnosed with severe brain injuries. Not surprisingly, a number of them had been drinking. The surprise was that the folks with alcohol in the bloodstream had a better survival rate than those who hadn’t had a drink, even after correcting for some potential confounding factors. As always, further studies are suggested before we start dispensing vodka shots in the ER.

Image Credit: via Creative Commons 2.0

  • NaTaS

    do you think it’s because the alcohol thined out the blood?

  • NaTaS

    do you think it's because the alcohol thined out the blood?