Alex Jones Talks ‘New World Order’ With Directors Luke Meyer & Andrew Neel

3990511421_1766721602_oWHAT DO YOU BELIEVE?

Alex Jones talks with Luke Meyer and Andrew Neel, who directed the documentary New World Order, a behind-the-scenes look at the underground anti-globalist movement.

Directors Meyer and Neel capture this growing grassroots movement as it targets the annual Bilderberg conference, and the 9/11 attacks as focal points in the alleged global conspiracy. Alex Jones, celebrity radio host and underground cult hero, is the central character of the film. The film chronicles Alex, Luke Rudowski, Jack McLamb and three other activists fighting against the NWO.

Here’s the first part of the interview:

The second part of the interview follows:

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  • Peter James

    There Will Be No New World Order – But There Will Be A Revival of The Roman Empire (Video) The Document

  • Joseph

    The more I see Alex Jones here, the less I can rely on disinfo for actual news. His paranoid rants have been going on for almost a decade, and he's produced not one iota of proof of anything he claims; if anything, he's been more wrong than right. Can we please stop encouraging his cult of personality from coming here by giving them a safe haven through which they can paint the walls with their bullshit?

    • Dumbsaint

      Disinfo distribute(? publish) the doco these guys made so of course they're going to put things directly related to it on their website. The doc itself is more about the conspiracy theorists themselves rather than boogiemen globalists.

      Alex Jones is a exploitative, profiteering moron don't get me wrong.

    • Hwire

      Why don't you produce some proof for your rant there fella?

  • tonyviner

    Is anyone worried about the Blue World Order? Big Stevie Cool, Da Blue Guy and Hollywood Nova might still wreak havoc on our TV screens.

  • Hwire

    Why don’t you produce some proof for your rant there fella?

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