Balls Across America

Some of you may have seen my appearance with Andy Bichlbaum last week when he persuaded me to try on a Survivaball. Although I looked ridiculous, it was kind of cool to be a part of The Yes Men’s “Balls Across America” campaign, described as:

a series of civil disobedience actions involving Survivaballs. It’s inspired by the Climate Pledge of Resistance and “Balls Across America” was launched in prime-time on CNN, and now will spread across the United States, in lockstep with the distribution schedule of The Yes Men Fix the World!

Well as it turns out you can try on a Survivaball too. If you’re in New York or have friends who are, you are “invited to come wear the world’s stupidest costume and hand out coupons for a free fake New York Times with each ticket. We really need people to do this, because a lot of people don’t know our film is showing (not much money for advertising). To volunteer, please write We need you starting today!”

And if you’re not in New York, don’t worry:

Sign up on our email list. Make sure to select your city, and click the box that says “I would like to wear a Survivaball.” We’ll do our best to get you one, and suggest a list of targets. The rest is up to you….


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