Bat Boy Sells Out to Hollywood

If it wasn’t already apparent that what was underground or alternative is now coopted by the mainstream entertainment media at the first glimmer of a sizeable audience (a network giving disinformation a TV series for instance…), now the top Hollywood agency has signed up Weekly World News, according to the Hollywood Reporter:

Move over, Astro Boy and Iron Man — Bat Boy could be stepping up to the plate soon.

The half-bat, half-human character is just one of 30-odd wacky creations spawned by the erstwhile supermarket tabloid Weekly World News and now up for grabs in Hollywood.

CAA has signed WWN to a representation deal, and DreamWorks is developing a TV show that likely will be the first to tap into the company’s library of characters and its tens of thousands of offbeat stories.

Founded in 1979, the tongue-in-cheek tabloid made its mark with stories about conspiracies, cover-ups, aliens, Bigfoot, Elvis sightings and supernatural phenomena. The publication went online-only two years ago.


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