Bird Flu May Be An STD … In Ducks

DonaldDuckDammit Donald! And I know your explanation isn’t going to make any sense … My eye’s now on you, Porky Pig, for the current craze. Nora Schultz writes in New Scientist:

Bird flu may be a sexually transmitted infection — at least in ducks. That’s the suggestion of an analysis of flu prevalence and mating behaviour that also proposes an easy way to spot duck populations most at risk of harbouring avian flu.

Surprisingly, the more rampant the sex a particular duck species indulges in, the lower the chance of spreading the virus. It’s all to do with penis size and the complexity of the females’ vagina.

Lethal strains of avian flu virus can evolve from harmless versions and then jump to other species, so it is important to also monitor less dangerous strains in wild birds. Ducks are the main wild hosts of bird flu, but surveillance is difficult without easy markers of infection risk.

Now Gergely Hegyi at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary, and colleagues think they may have found just such a marker: the “covert” wing patches that ducks display during mating. This finding builds on the previous work by the team, in which they found that species with large penises tend to have smaller wing patches, which are also more likely to be a single colour.

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