Conservatives Rewriting ‘Liberal’ Bible

It’s not an Onion headline, folks. Mary Papenfuss writes on Newser:

Even the Bible isn’t conservative enough for some conservatives. The mysterious “Conservative Bible Project” aims to bring the holy book back to its right-wing “roots” by routing out muddy translation and liberal “bias.” That includes no more “gender inclusive” terms that “emasculate” Christianity and rethinking liberal words like “comrade” and “peace.” Economic parables should be clarified to be “free market” lessons, and hell presented as scary as ever and not “downplayed,” states the site.

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  1. If dey no haz bazement kat, dey iz blazfeemers!

  2. Anonymous | Oct 6, 2009 at 10:54 pm |

    so long, Prince of Peace.

  3. so long, Prince of Peace.

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