Kiefer Sutherland & ’24’ Are Back (New Season 8 Video Promos)

We may have had a change in the occupancy of the White House since the last season of the TV drama ’24’ was filmed, but Jack Bauer & friends are still trying to make America a safe place for “ends justify the means”-style War on Terror tactics, as popularized by Rumsfeld, Cheney and their neo-con friends in the Bush administration. Just leaked, the latest promos for Season 8, coming in January 2010, show it’s business as usual for Mr. Bauer:


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  • Toni

    Keifer is a great actor, but I'd love for him to speak about universal health care, following in his grandfather's footsteps. That may not “his thing,” but he'd the best spokesman I can thinkn of.

    • Toni

      And pardon my Typo! Kiefer!!

  • Name

    Videos have been taken down by Fox. Are these available anywhere else?