Massive Atheism Ads Arriving in Major U.S. Cities

CNN is reporting (below) that atheist ads are going to be all over New York City’s subways next week, while the Chicago Tribune reveals that the second city is one step ahead (see photo):

Some New Yorkers may want to reconsider exclaiming “Thank God” when arriving at their destination subway station beginning Monday.

Or at least that’s what a coalition of eight atheist organizations are hoping, having purchased a month-long campaign that will place their posters in a dozen busy subway stations throughout Manhattan.

The advertisements ask the question, written simply over an image of a blue sky with wispy white clouds: “A million New Yorkers are good without God. Are you?”

On October 26, a dozen bustling New York City subway stations will be adorned with the ads as “part of a coordinated multi-organizational advertising campaign designed to raise awareness about people who don’t believe in a god”, according to a statement from the group, the Big Apple Coalition of Reason.


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36 Comments on "Massive Atheism Ads Arriving in Major U.S. Cities"

  1. cant wait to hear all the christians saying the existence of these ads equals persecution of christians

    • Why would we? agnostics are entitled to their religious beliefs too. Besides, freedom of speech has never been considered persecution.

  2. Word Eater | Oct 23, 2009 at 8:54 pm |

    I always thought the 'signed by God' ads were pretty tacky and I find the numerous blatant anti-abortion billboards around the St Louis area to be almost offensive. Good to see the atheists aren't immune to a lapse of good taste, as well. It just proves that they are, in fact, still human.

    • tony neilsen | Oct 23, 2009 at 11:58 pm |

      anti-abortion ads are almost offensive to you? how about sucking out a living fetus and discarding it, mutilated into the garbage – that's not offensive to you? and this happens many millions of times a year! how about live birth abortion – sticking a needle into the neck of a healthy live, baby human being to kill it – this is murder and yet you find abortion ads offensive! you are one sick dog and you ought to be ashamed of your attitude.

      • Nice misrepresentation there. The kind of abortion you just described is actually illegal. To claim it happens “many millions of times a year” is complete bullshit.What I find offensive is jerks like yourself who can't make their arguments work without being lying bastards. Go do some research on abortion in America & educate yourself before you continue to make yourself look like an ass!

        • tony neilsen | Oct 24, 2009 at 12:26 pm |

          Um, Artor… I hate to be finicky, but I did not say that live birth abortion happens millions of times – what I actually wrote (and it's still there for all to see) is that live fetuses are sucked out … this is describing regular abortions. Is there something wrong with your comprehension skills? NOW WHO LOOKS like an ass???

          • Still you, thanks to your use of the capital letters and the triple question marks.

            Behold the typeface of a douchebag!

      • tonyviner | Oct 25, 2009 at 2:31 am |

        It only counts as murder if the victim were able to defend itself, abortion is just people acting responsibly. If these 'babies' had knives or something it would be a different story. It is quite funny how a non-existent man/woman/blob/thing in the sky can jumble ones thoughts so horrendously. I am ashamed to share your name.

        • My belief against abortion has nothing to do with a “non-existent man/woman/blob/thing in the sky”, it's simply the human in me that says ALL life is precious and all too often it is taken for granted. Perhaps someday after you a have a true and real human experience, a life worth living for perhaps, you will be able to understand why I don't approve of abortions or murder in general.

      • middleoftheroad | Oct 30, 2009 at 2:03 pm |

        Anti-abortion ads are offensive. Imagine being a victim of rape, for example. Now you have to sit through this guilt driven drivel? and to answer your statement, no, abortion is not offensive. I understand your viewpoint, the destruction of potential. However, have you stopped to consider the impact on the adults (or more often adult)? How about the poor, saving a child from a life of poverty. Yeah, yeah, adoption, but are you going to adopt them all? We have strained the resources of this planet to nearly the breaking point, and we should be out of all petroleum within the next 15 -20 years. More people, surely, is not what we need.

        These people are most often responsible adults, able to decide for themselves what the correct course of action should be. Personally, I think you need a little more broad perspective.

      • damazingbabyeater | Nov 2, 2009 at 7:10 pm |

        Who likes babies anyway? We torture and kill then eat millions of animals everyday. Why is a human baby so much better? Someone get me some hot sauce!

  3. you see attack after attack on the free world by religion, somebody was bound to fire back

  4. tony neilsen | Oct 23, 2009 at 11:59 pm |

    mock on all you foolish atheists – you are all devoid of any spiritual insight and you will reap the fruit of your evil-to-the-core hearts in due time!

    • tonyviner | Oct 25, 2009 at 2:38 am |

      You really think there is fruit in Hell, that, my friend, is a leap of faith.

  5. @tony

    You should gather up your believer friends and pray a lot harder. Your God has been silent for over 2,000 years, as reason and understanding erode away all of the silly ideas that used to be considered real knowledge. I can't think of a more lovely sentiment that so many believers just can't wait for the return of Jesus, and the fiery end to the world, and the death of most humans. Good luck in heaven!

    • tony neilsen | Oct 24, 2009 at 8:05 am |

      Thanks for your comments, J. God may have been silent to you, but He has certainly not been silent to me. I hope you realize the truth before it's too late.

      But meanwhile, as I said in my post: mock on!

      • he just must be getting lazy then, we haven't seen a good old city destroyed by his wrath in ages, rivers turned to blood, bodies of water parted, hell at this point i'd even settle to see a staff turned to a serpent or somebody turned into a pillar of salt come on yvhv where you at?

      • therawestmcalive | Oct 25, 2009 at 3:30 pm |

        It's People Like you that make me want to support eugenics

      • damazingbabyeater | Nov 2, 2009 at 7:14 pm |

        They make pills for those voices you hear. Did you know that?

  6. Very soon USA will experience the Wrath of God

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  7. anyone else planning a day after the rapture bbq/kegger

    • tony neilsen | Oct 24, 2009 at 3:12 pm |

      Good one Sean! And your BBQ can be a prelude to when you're being BBQed yourself – for eternity!!!

    • tonyviner | Oct 25, 2009 at 2:34 am |

      No, I thought I would just come to yours, if you don't mind. I can bring some potato salad or something if you want. The wives can get together and play some cribbage, which they so enjoy. See you there.

  8. Wow where did all the freaks come from?

    • tonyviner | Oct 25, 2009 at 2:36 am |

      Church let out early today. You should have been there, it was a beautiful sermon on how Charles Darwin had sex with a bunch of animals or something. The preacher told us about how Darwin would strap God masks on muskrats and do them in the butt. Isn't that disgusting? In a church, no less.

  9. 'Religious' zealots addicted to the heady rush of never being wrong about anything are now and always have been among the most dangerous and destructive people in the world. If Torquemada were alive now he would come on right after Rush and before Dobson. I guess spreading the Gospel of the Prince of Peace, doing acts of charity for the unfortunate and practicing humility before man and God got boring. I must have missed that part where Jesus said, “Go forth and harass and harangue all that do not believe as you, for you are sanctified in your myopia.” Or, “Blessed are the haters and those who persecute the vulnerable in My name for they shall be known as a force to be reckoned with at the polls.” I guess I missed church that day.

    Saul, on the road, his eyes and ears shut tight…

  10. Plato's Son | Oct 28, 2009 at 6:23 am |

    I find it kind of funny that people out there really believe there is no God. Look around and you will begin to see there is God in all things. Did you know revelation talks about the unification of the global economies and leaders and borders. Where are we headed in society? What is life telling us today?
    Religion promotes power, and with power comes corruption, but God promotes love, protecting the environment, and morality. The wars that are fought are started and deeply rooted in religion and money. All money comes from the earth so the earth is destroyed in the process of trying to obtain money. In revelation its written that God will destroy the inhabitants of the land for its sinfulness and destruction of the earth. Judaism and Christianity are the only two religions I can think of that both complement and complete each other.
    Jesus came because no person could ever uphold the ten commandments, and Judaism was and is still longing to see their messiah.

    2012 will not be earths end, this would be way to convenient. Earths end will come when all nations are united and the leader of those nations is elected. This will spark a new religion. The leader of this nation will promote a new Messiah for the jews. This new messiah will promote the “Real” Christianity in a time and place where many thirst for some sort of spiritual enlightenment.

    Fear is not of God and is promoted daily by the media. Terrorism Terrorism Al Quaeda Terrorism War on Iraq War on Afghanistan War on Drugs Terrorism. Terrorism is the ploy of all ploys. War on terror is like a war on war. A fight on the people who fight. A battle against ideas. It is human nature to survive, and in this day and age the only way to survive is by power, and power is obtained through money. Money is the root to all evil.

    It seems as though since the dawn of our existence we were encoded to survive and gain power. Our Pre flood existence was God's way of working the glitches out of his system, his master program. Think if we all spoke the same language how fast would our technology and society accelerate? Look at how long it took us to get to a point where we can all pretty much speak the same language or have it translated instantaneously. Computers provide us with information transfer and volume thousands of times ahead of the tower of babel days. Computer programs are being designed to show evolution through thousands of cycles within the program. If a computer program can simulate evolution then an all knowing God should be able to do the same. Think if God was just a “Sea of Crystal” that were just trillions upon trillions of transistors that simulated this universe as a program. The big bang would be likened to the turning on of the program. God spoke it and so it was. If God spoke a language I would like to believe it would be mathematics. Math is absolute truth. It is black and white.
    Christians atheists hindus agnostics islams taos buddas capitalists, all religions the world over are being desensitized to what is really happening in the world and what the issues really are. We are being controlled through the media, advertisers, money and so on. The only thing that is absolutely real is you. You think therefore you are. Because you are capable of thought whatever you came from should also be capable. God is Real. Think about it.

    All systems end up collapsing at some point. Nature shows this to us. The systems that last longer are just better at hiding their problems. In America the prison systems are breeding the newly incarcerated towards gang violence. The more you can distribute the power the longer it takes for that power to be abused. We were engineered into corruption and our only hope of solving that corruption is by some supernatural effort. The problems in the world are so deep rooted in corruption, power, money, and religion that it would be foolish to think about the future in Godless terms.

    • damazingbabyeater | Nov 2, 2009 at 7:27 pm |

      Its easy to predict when your starring at redundant information. Science could be looked at as a religion. It would be the only one whose view points allow change in its belief structure. I have always said if a god where to return they would be happier discovering a people who didn't need saving. As far as I can tell the universe was here long before we where. We need to quit being so egotistical. We are a speck of star dust. I don't if there where a “God” they would put so much importance in little ol us. The control of everything's balance depends on earths survival and belief in some savior? If we all died the universe wouldn't even notice.

    • 'I find it kind of funny that people out there really believe there is no God. Look around and you will begin to see there is God in all things.'

      Two sentences in, and you've completely left logic behind. You're to the point, at least!

  11. Im an Atheist and am glad that other Atheists are making our presence known. Im sick of having religious people constantly hound me and harass me and try to ram their foolish outdated beliefs down my throat all the time and never letting me just be.

    I hope that in another few generations or so, that humanity will finally wake up and realize that religion is a really old outdated philosophy that only brings humanity war, hate, and opression. Forward to a future where we finally put our faith in humanity, instead of “imaginary friends”.

  12. Freedom of religion, and freedom FROM religion. Extra hot sauce on my baby sandwich, please.

  13. ‘I find it kind of funny that people out there really believe there is no God. Look around and you will begin to see there is God in all things.’

    Two sentences in, and you’ve completely left logic behind. You’re to the point, at least!

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