MIT predicts wearable recommendation systems!

In a new interview, Pattie Maes of MIT’s Media Lab predicts wearable real-world recommendation systems. “The vision is whatever knowledge, or information, or services that might be relevant to you, given the things that you are currently doing, will be sort of magically available to you.” Her early work influenced Amazon and Netflix’s recommendation systems, but now she says “It would be better if digital information and interactivity is embedded into day-to-day materials… Information should just be easier and more seamless and accessible.”

There’s video of Pattie’s “SixthSense” demonstration at this year’s TED conference — a computerized personal projector with a camera — but Pattie now says “We’re making it more like an Open Source project where we invite others to help improve the technology and to think about other applications and other form factors.” And there’s also a nice description of life at the Media Lab. (“Walk a little further and youre standing next to the office of the guy who developed the codices for the mp3 standard. You see computers and computer monitors of all shapes and sizes, digital clothing, robots, walls that respond to hand movement, and cybernetic flora interspersed with biological plant life and comfortable leather couches…”)

“I don’t necessarily want a robot in my house that is more intelligent than a person,” says Pattie. “It would cause a lot of trouble in my household… I just want to make myself and other people more ‘powerful’ — to make it easier to absorb and process information!”