NASA Confirms the World Will Not End in 2012

TheIHCGot to read the fine print more carefully, concerned citizens … Nick Allen writes in the Telegraph:

Sony Pictures set up a website for an organisation called the Institute for Human Continuity which predicts a cataclysmic denouement for Earth three years from now. It suggests that “after two decades of rigorous research from the world’s top astronomers, mathematicians, geologists, physicists, engineers, futurists, we know that in 2012 a series of cataclysmic forces will wreak havoc on our planet”.

It even details how elections have begun for the leader of the post-2102 world, offers survival kits and asks people to sign up to a lottery to be saved. In fact, the website is a vehicle for promoting 2012 — a disaster movie about the end of the world based on predictions in the Mayan calendar.

It stars John Cusack and is directed by Roland Emmerich, who was behind the blockbusters Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow. The film will include scenes of a tsunami washing an aircraft carrier into the White House and Los Angeles falling into the sea.

According to the website scientists have been tracking a previously unknown Planet X which is on the edge of the solar system and on a collision course with Earth. But the site has been so successful that hundreds of people have been convinced that something terrible is about to befall the planet.

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  1. That doesn't mean the world won't end then. Ever hear of God? He could end of all this tomorrow if He wanted to. And for those who don't believe in Him, Mother Nature/Mother Earth could end all of this tomorrow.

  2. the real problem is, does anyone actually believe anything government agencies say anymore, nasa could tell me the sky was blue and i'd have to double check

  3. tonyviner | Oct 20, 2009 at 7:54 am |

    God, schmod. I want my monkey-man.

  4. mong

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