Never Trust A Patriot: More on Michael Moore

From Nick P. at Black Sun Gazette

I recently wrote a review of Michael Moore’s latest film Capitalism: A Love Story. While the film is not without its merits, Michael Moore seems to be, on a balance sheet, a negative fixture in American culture. If anything, his value lies in being a foil for legitimate leftists.

While a lot can be said for how he raises sharp questions about key issues, the more important point to me is the role he plays in shielding the Democratic Party from the left. Indeed, as I have stated time and again, I consider those who constantly provide cover for the Democratic Party to be among the most dangerous and destructive forces in American politics. They act as apologists and lawyers for the plantation party which keeps the working class from acting independently and effecting meaningful change.

In his latest article for Huffington Post, “My Action Plan: 15 Things Every American Can Do Right Now” Michael Moore proves himself to be one of the most craven apologists going for the party which currently leads attacks against the working class at home and abroad.

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4 Comments on "Never Trust A Patriot: More on Michael Moore"

  1. You know what? After 8 years of corporate ball-massaging by the republican party, I'll take a 'democratic apologist' any day.
    And by the way, it is a free country…those supporting republican beliefs are free to make their own documentary detailing how their party has helped the average citizen over the last 8 years. (Should be about a 2 minute film I'm guessing)

    • Find one place where I defend Republicans.

      Now ask yourself what effect defending the party that's always defending Republicans has.

  2. who have the democrats really helped?
    the two party system is a game of good cop/bad cop they exist to give the illusion of choice and democracy.

  3. Find one place where I defend Republicans.

    Now ask yourself what effect defending the party that’s always defending Republicans has.

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