Obese People More Likely To Contract Swine Flu

As if being obesely fat doesn’t already present enough serious health problems (see the disinformation documentary film Killer At Large for more on that), now obese people have one more major health worry: they are much more likely to get the H1N1 strain of flu, a/k/a/ swine flu, according to this AP report:

Rapidly worsening breathing problems in the sickest H1N1 flu patients in Mexico and Canada suggest a scary worst-case scenario for what doctors in the United States will face as winter flu season sets in, new reports suggest.

In the first wave of the global swine flu outbreak, many critically ill patients in both countries were obese, though their death rates weren’t higher than others. Many in both countries also were younger than those typically hard hit by seasonal flu, as has been found in the United States.

Patients studied worsened quickly after being admitted to hospitals. Most survived after intensive, lengthy treatment, though the death rate in the Mexican patients who were studied — 41 percent — was much higher.


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