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I am somewhat bewildered at the inability of my readers to see the Oath Keepers as the threat to American democracy that they clearly are. It’s almost as if my British friends were to say that the BNP were stand up guys, using their platform as the ultimate means of appraisal. Indeed, the constant recourse to the “Declaration of Orders We Will Not Obey”– as if this stood outside of a broader social context, and their framing was without meaning- is particularly troubling. As is the sentiment, repeated by people intelligent and politically savvy enough to know better, that the Oath Keepers are worthy of praise because they “defend the Constitution” or some other vague, trans-class expression of support.

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  1. Basilio F. | Oct 25, 2009 at 7:30 pm |

    Hey what's up. Last time I left a very long comment on disinfo, I left my signature as Urban313Apprentice at the end of the very long comment. It was a bit intense. I doubt anyone would remember but as I said I was intense. It had to do with politics and I just wanted to say I think it was totally wrong. Everything I wrote that day was wrong. This is a big planet with a lot going on. It sucks that things aren't ideal because really, it's only in an ideal world (which I think can happen if we evolve enough) where everyone on this planet can get what they want.
    Basically, everyone needs food, we want comfort, we don't want to be killed and we like to have an equal chance to get the most out of our lives. As long as that's not the case for everyone there may always be some kind of strife. An Ideal world to that extent I think is possible. For example, terraforming was orginally a science fiction concept, today it's an actual scientific study to make habitable otherwise uninhabitable terrain for us. One-hundred and fifty years ago a cell phone would have been pretty mind-blowing for many people. A fictional based technology from the T.V. Series Star Trek called a replicator always seemed to me and I'm sure to many others to be able to solve most the problems associated with strife on our planet. As the fiction tech goes, it's a computer that uses a molecular sample from whatever it is you want replicated, such as cloth or food, and through that one molecular sample, you can continiously replicate the same item over and over again, by turning energy into matter. It may sound impossible now but who knows, I wouldn't be suprised if one day it wouldn't be out of the realm of scientific possibility. It's an ideal technology, that would bring us pretty close to an ideal world.

    It's easy to talk trash about this and that. I live in the U.S. I'm twenty-five years old and when I was younger, I talked trash about one party and was cool with another, and for that reason, ran my mouth about things I liked about one party and not another. When you grow up in the U.S. sometimes it's easy to lose sight of all the U.S. deals with. It can seem like they're invincible and trash talk doesn't budge them. But it can. I'm not talking about trying to make things bettter by complaining about what you think should change in you're nation.

    Complaining about what you think should or shouldn't change is just you as citizen voicing you're opinion. It's one thing to say “well this sucks, this is how things could be better,” then saying “It's all corrupt and nothing can be done!” I mean really, there's a lot going on this planet and we as a species need to stick together and offer constructive critisism for change, or not. The way I saw it then and now, as far as politics went… I'm a homosexual and I smoke weed, so I'll vote for the party that's most likely to give me more freedom in that way of life. That's all the change I ask for.

    We'll I was about twenty-two last time I wrote an article here and well, I just wrote a belligerent attack against the Republicans. It wasn't constructive, it was just mean and wrong and did nothing to input anything other then an intense insult. That's all it was, it would have been one thing if I offered an opinion, or said man they suck here's how it should be, but I didn't, just a long insult that did nothing. It's one thing to back the party that most benefits you, but I was just totally rude and there was no opinion just insult. Whether they suck or not I don't know, I vote for the party that's more likely to get weed closer to legality and gay rights.

    I voted for President Obama, and I voted for Senator John Kerry in the last election because out of the two parties, Democrats are more likely to support my gayness and the green leaf! That's about as far as my voting has ever gone, whatever party seems to support those things is the one I vote for. Speaking of green, a lot of affiliations with the color green is neutrality, a color that's always been my favorite now on different levels. I vote Democrate, always probably will as long as they're the ones supporting me heheh, but you know, wihch ever side is elected, I'm still protected.

    No one kicking down my door and beating the crap out of me, I have food in my stomach, and for me, as long as I've been around, neither parties nomination has ever effected my everyday life. Not in a bad way, all I know is Democrats bring the green leaf closer and my gay life gayer then the other side. But either way I win, because both parties support are basic human rights. This isn't an ideal world, it's part of America's heritige to offer constructive critisism, trying to make things better or the way you feel would make Democracy better. But if you're just straight up attacking without opinion, without construction of some kind, what are you accoplishing? Complaining? To what end? Sorry if I ever did.

    Bill Maher, Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert rock because I think they offer the kind of changes that mean the most possible personal freedom you can get in a Democracy. What I notice about them is, in my opinion anyway, is that we as U.S. citizens after reaching adulthood have to be accountable for are own decision making. If we let and or ask for laws to be passed to protect U.S. adults from there own decsions we stand to lose a lot of personal freedoms and our civil rights could be increasingly lessened, lest we blame our Government when an adult makes the wrong decision.

    After a certain age, you have to be held accountable for what you do or don't do. You can't expect the government to protect us from ourselves, just from each other. Just so we get to work and don't kill and rob each other. I think Bill Maher, Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert all seem to agree with that idea, those are, and always have been, the only politically based shows I've ever watched. I think they have the best ideas on how to get the most civil rights for you're Democracy. I don't really pay much attension to politics though, I like to leave the constructive ideas to them. I vote for my gayness and my weed, that's about it. Two subjects I think all three of them support.

    I write this now because years ago I wrote some seriously rude comments about the Republicans, and it's bothered me a bit for the last few years because that's not my realm. Change is good, that's not what I offered, just insult, we are all in this together and it's easy to lose sight of that for some… it's to inspire change, not anger.

    I'm not even into politics other then watching those three programs, (Real Time, Daily Show and Colbert report) gay rights, and waiting to legalize it. I didn't pay attension much then or now and I thought damn, I wrote about things not at all related to those two things, I used to do that, read about random things and just express them, and it turns out the article was about a dude who did things I wasn't even aware of! But that's then, this is now. Nothing but peace, love, and respect for everyone and as the saying in Key West goes We Are All Part of the Same Human Family. Peace, love and respect.


  2. This is shaping up to be an interesting thread on the Black Sun Gazette site.
    Thank you, for helping to provide access to these different sites.

  3. benatmediacurves1 | Nov 20, 2009 at 6:24 pm | conducted a study among 300 viewers of a news clip featuring the Oath Keepers organization. Results found that majority of viewers (53%) felt that armed militia groups should be outlawed in the United States. The percentage of viewers that support the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, which protects the right to keep and bear arms, declined from 80% to 73% after viewing the video. In addition, more than one-third of the viewers (37%) reported that the existence of the Oath Keepers organization causes them to feel less safe.

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