Re-Evaluating the Role of Myth in the 21st Century

“Life is a dream you won’t remember upon awakening, and myth is that dream retold.  We transmit our living mythologies to each other through our art, but equally so through our impact upon one another in our day-to-day lives.”

James Curcio is currently collecting submissions for an anthology entitled The Immanence of Myth (click the following link for submission guidelines).  In the article below (a version of the anthology’s introduction), he lays out the ideas that will frame the anthology — particularly concerning the evolving role of mythology in our post-industrial, highly technologized, capitalist society.

Full article on Reality Sandwich


James Curcio is a multi-media artist, writer, and theorist, who has spent most of his adult life exploring modern myths. This exploration has taken the form of collaborative novels, essays on myth, culture, the occult and sexuality, "round-table" musical albums, soundtracks, podcasts, live performances, and installations. He will sleep when he is dead.