RIP Captain Lou Albano

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I need to make a top five professional wrestling managers. Management and announcing is a place in professional wrestling where men like “Captain” Lou Albano, who never showed much promise in the ring, made their mark on the sheer strength of charisma. Or obnoxiousness. Or in the case of exceptional individuals like Lou, both.

The Captain was never much to look at and never had a lot of talent in the ring. Despite having held the now defunct WWWF United States Tag Team title, the below video shows that to call his ring work “workmanlike” is to give it undue praise. But even in his ring days, “Captain” Lou had so much talent as a performer that his tag team, The Sicilians, with their mafiosi gimmick were warned by real life gangsters to dial it down a bit.

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  1. John Thomson | Oct 15, 2009 at 9:22 am |

    Lou Albano,sir, I am one of you avid fans. You rock! Yes, you might not be good at all inside the ring but without you, the wrestling industry will not be complete.

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