Scientists Predict the End of Aging By 2029

Spencer Kornhaber writes in OC Weekly:

Call it an anti-death panel. We just received a press release saying that the world’s top aging scientists will converge on Manhattan Beach from November 13 through 15 to figure out how to put off that whole getting-old-and-dying thing.

The scientists, supposedly, will “predict the end of aging by 2029.” Which sounds cool but … We’ll all be kinda old by then anyways. Couldn’t they get this thing done now?

The topics at the conference will include gene therapy, nanotechnology and, of course, “Organ Re-Growth and Transplantation.” Sound like science fiction? Well, yeah. They realize: “Technology has so rapidly caught up with us that what was once the domain of science fiction movies and novels is quickly becoming mainstream medicine. Medical scientists are rapidly perfecting techniques that will enable organs and tissues to be re-grown in a test tube and transplanted, without the need for powerful drugs that poison the immune system.”

The conference is being put on by Life Extension Foundation, which is “the largest non-profit organization dedicated to research on extending the healthy human life span.” We’d assumed/hoped the organization would be based in Laguna Woods, but it’s actually centered in the Laguna Woods of America: Ft. Lauderdale Florida.

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3 Comments on "Scientists Predict the End of Aging By 2029"

  1. Wonder if we should force these treatments on people serving eight life sentences, to get our money’s worth?

  2. colleenguri | Oct 20, 2009 at 11:55 pm |

    I'm not sure how I feel about this. Life expectancy is “supposed” to get longer anyhow, though I don't really see how, considering all the toxins and hormones in everything. ( The only way to get away from all the toxins is to revert to old ways) …so… What? We can live longer, but with cancers and other such ailments that never used to exist? “sigh”…I dunno. Conundrum.

  3. Wonder if we should force these treatments on people serving eight life sentences, to get our money's worth?

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