Too Terrifying To Even Contemplate…

Nick P at Black Sun Gazette

In lieu of writing a big long article, I present selected shorts. Today’s roundup includes dumbfuck liberals, pig cops, radical culture in need of money, Obama preparing to bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran, and scariest of all, Cokie Roberts.

Z Mag Is Broke: Starting off with the good news (kind of sort of not really) my buddy Thrash Mike reports over at Refuse To Thrive that Zmag needs money. Zmag is an indispensable source of top-notch radical left reporting. While I don’t always agree with their editorial line (big surprise) I think the world is much enriched by their reporting and investigative journalism. I know the economy sucks, but this is even more important than your favorite local mutant convergence. Reach in your pockets and dig deep.

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