UK police use anti-terrorist legislation to stop climate change activist travelling

Want to go to Copenhagen to protest at the UN summit? The Orwellian state marches ahead in the UK.

From the Guardian website.

UK border police used anti-terrorist legislation to prevent a British climate change activist from crossing over into mainland Europe where he planned to take part in events surrounding the forthcoming United Nations summit in Denmark.

Chris Kitchen, a 31-year-old office worker, said he feared his treatment by police could mark the start of a clampdown on protesters, hundreds of whom are planning to travel to Copenhagen for the climate change talks in December.

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  1. Check out pics from “No Nukes Go Renewables!” peaceful parade and rally. Guest Speaker: Winona LaDuke, two times vice-presidential running mate to Ralph Nader, Green Party.
    Watch the video of the skit put on by actors from the Coalition for a Clean Green Saskatchewan, “Nuclear Waste: Sweeping it under the rug” to draw attention to the fact that NWMO, Nuclear Waste Management Organization was conducting closed door meetings to determine a “willing host community” for Nuclear Waste. Winona LaDuke warns, there are 90,000 shipments of Nuclear waste waiting in USA for country cousins to “Just Say Yes!”

  2. more reason to be very skeptical of anti terror legislation, the police will use it against anyone they possibly can and if torture is allowed in any instance by us government personal it will slowly become standard procedure for police.

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