Universe Will End Sooner Than Expected

There’s some bad news: apparently the entire universe will cease to exist far sooner than previously thought, ending in a horrible state known as “heat death.” Science News writes:

For all its tumult — erupting stars, colliding galaxies, collapsing black holes — the cosmos is a surprisingly orderly place. Theoretical calculations have long shown that the entropy of the universe — a measure of its disorder — is but a tiny fraction of the maximum allowable amount.

A new calculation of entropy…suggests that the universe is messier than scientists had thought — and slightly further along on its gradual journey to death….The collective entropy of all the supermassive black holes at the centers of galaxies is about 100 times higher than previously calculated.

In the case of the universe, Egan says, “we’d like to know [when and] if the entropy will eventually reach a maximum value, marking the end of all dissipative processes, including life.” Physicists have dubbed that maximum entropy “heat death.”

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  1. I take issue with the description of universal heat death as “horrible”. It sounds quite lovely to me.

  2. Iike an orgasm in a hot-tub?

  3. o yeah thats it 🙂

  4. o yeah thats it 🙂

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