93% of Soybeans, 80% of Corn Grown from Genetically-Modified Monsanto Seeds

MonsantoRainPeter Whoriskey reports in the Washington Post:

For plants designed in a lab a little more than a decade ago, they’ve come a long way: Today, the vast majority of the nation’s two primary crops grow from seeds genetically altered according to Monsanto company patents.

Ninety-three percent of soybeans. Eighty percent of corn.

The seeds represent “probably the most revolutionary event in grain crops over the last 30 years,” said Geno Lowe, a Salisbury, Md., soybean farmer.

But for farmers such as Lowe, prices of the Monsanto-patented seeds have steadily increased, roughly doubling during the past decade, to about $50 for a 50-pound bag of soybean seed, according to seed dealers.

The revolution, and Monsanto’s dominant role in the nation’s agriculture, has not unfolded without complaint. Farmers have decried the price increases, and competitors say the company has ruthlessly stifled competition.

Now Monsanto — like IBM and Google — has drawn scrutiny from U.S. antitrust investigators, who under the Obama administration have looked more skeptically at the actions of dominant firms.

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13 Comments on "93% of Soybeans, 80% of Corn Grown from Genetically-Modified Monsanto Seeds"

  1. interesting. at the risk of sounding like a complete worry wart, but I don't want to be eating food of any kind. Whether it's genetically modified corn itself or corn used to make my cornflakes, I just don't want that stuff in me. This stuff is everywhere, apparently.

    • Word Eater | Nov 30, 2009 at 9:47 pm |

      Frankenfood doesn't bother me as much as the fact that a single corporation, with their own R & D, is behind a vast majority of it.

      I fully believe that genetically modified food could be a great boon to world hunger and land use. If someone can triple their yield on half the amount of land, that would feed more folks and save more trees. Trees suck up CO2 and release O2. Win, win.

    • everything you eat is genetically modified, the animals and crops you see today bear no resemblance to the crops and stock they are descended from, we've been doing it for thousands of years, were just able to do it better now.

  2. Polymorpheous | Dec 1, 2009 at 3:47 am |

    I wonder why food allergies keep getting more prevalent. Why honeybees are disappearing. This is a relatively new technology. Who knows what will happen to our bodies 50 years down the road from now. Nature/God/Buddha, whomever, did not intend for us to eat this way. I think it is arrogant to think that the human race can outsmart nature.

    • nature/god/buddha also didn't intend us to set broken bones, create antibiotics, or survive any number of formerly fatal illnesses that are now seen as trivial due to our arrogant outsmarting of nature, perhaps you should opt out of medical care on principal.

      • I imagine Nature/God/Buddha did. I also imagine Nature/God/Buddha gave us brains/sense/intelligence to decide when what we've created is positive or negative. We have ways of modifying our food within the context of nature. We don't fully understand the consequences of our doing it outside of nature, and those doing it don't seem to care. Therein lies the problem.

      • Polymorpheous | Dec 1, 2009 at 1:18 pm |

        that is a weak argument and you know it.

        you completely ignored what i posted about food allergies. what else is this frankenfood doing to our bodies?

        you can keep eating it. i, however, will opt out of destroying my body from the inside out.

        • if we are being weakened by genetically altered foods why are we getting physically stronger and faster and living longer than people from the age of genitally pure foods, you would thing the opposite would be true.

          • Huh??? Where do you get this stuff???? How can you possible attribute the increase in human longevity to GMO's? It's ridiculous!

        • Tuna Ghost | Dec 1, 2009 at 9:28 pm |

          There is no link to modified food and allergies, nor a hint of a link. The strongest suggestion of a link to increased allergies is through our own meddling with our immune systems. You call it “Frankenfood”, but we've been genetically meddling with plants and animals for literally thousands of years. Carrots weren't orange until a few hundred years ago. Lap dogs were never an evolved species, they were designed. We're just able to do these things faster now.

          And, unfortunately, you are not able to opt out of eating genetically engineered food. Some entire species of plants and animals you eat are the result of breeding programs that were started hundreds of years ago. This has been happening for much longer than you realize.

          As for humans outsmarting nature, that sort of presupposes a distinction between man and nature, which is a false dichotomy. Man is nature. Our tools are nature. The whole “God never intended” argument falls apart under inspection as well, so I don't think you've really invested much thought into this.

          • What companies like monsanto are doing is unprecedented and you know it. This kind of technology is in it's infancy. You don't know any better than anyone else what the end results may be for this kind of genetic alterations.

  3. PatrickSTL | Jan 25, 2010 at 8:24 pm |

    I would encourage everyone to read Michael Pollan’s books “The Omnivore’s Dilemna”, “In Defense Of Food”, and “Food Rules”. They are all 3 amazing and eye opening about the U.S’s food system. I have drastically changed my way of eating in the last 3 years and fell dramatically better.

  4. PatrickSTL | Jan 25, 2010 at 3:24 pm |

    I would encourage everyone to read Michael Pollan's books “The Omnivore's Dilemna”, “In Defense Of Food”, and “Food Rules”. They are all 3 amazing and eye opening about the U.S's food system. I have drastically changed my way of eating in the last 3 years and fell dramatically better.

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