A Surprising New Way to Survive Nuclear Doomsday

There’s 23,125 active warheads in the world, and this article warns nothing is likely to change “except that 1) more states will acquire nuclear weapons, 2) more non-state-actors will acquire them in some form, and 3) the tactics available to states to win nuclear battles will become unpredictable with new technologies.”

Its solution? “Posthuman Nuclear Doomsday Maneuvers” – using the internet to instantly refabricate any targetted cities over the internet in the ultimate decentralization.

“This is city as signal, nukes as noise.”

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  1. I've got to say that h+ magazine always only works on my Firefox Browser. It never opens on Safari, Navigator (Mac) (or Internet Explorer on Dell at school). They really need to figure out their site compatibility.

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