Ad Campaign Takes Aim At Climate Change

Martin Mittelstaedt reports on how the fight over climate change is heating up, for the Globe & Mail:

Friends of Science, a Calgary-based non-profit group, is running a national radio advertising campaign mocking the whole idea of climate change that has mainstream environmental groups miffed.

The groups are claiming that funding for the anti-global warming effort is coming from the oil and gas industry.

James Hoggan, chair of the David Suzuki Foundation, lashed out Tuesday at Friends of Science in a speech in Toronto, calling it one of several “industry front groups” in North America that are trying to create uncertainty about the existence of climate change to undermine next month’s United Nations climate change talks in Copenhagen.

The ads, which claim the planet has actually been becoming cooler in the past 10 years, have been running this month in 15 cities, including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary, according to the Friends of Science group.

Predictions of Global Warming are Wrong

Listen to a Friends of Science radio ad

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A national campaign of this kind, if it featured 25 to 30 spots per day in each of the cities for its 30-second ads, would cost about $60,000 to $65,000 per week, according to an executive of an advertising agency, who did not want to be identified.

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4 Comments on "Ad Campaign Takes Aim At Climate Change"

  1. tonyviner | Nov 18, 2009 at 3:01 pm |

    Consider for a moment that the evidence supporting the theory of global warming and climate change are completely unfounded and false, is that a good enough reason to continue deliberately ruining our planet?

    • As someone who believes the TRUE scientific consensus (backed by more then 35,000 scientists) the answer is no. I am as concerned about the environment as much as anybody but the man made global warming hoax draws people AWAY from real issues and THAT is incredibly bad news for the environment. Let's clean up our oceans, get the SSRIs, flouride, and many other pollutants out of our water systems so we have clean water to drink. Let's stop government chemtrail spraying, label GMO foods and do, oh, about a billion other things that are actually constructive for the health of our planet.

      But when you claim, against the opinion of the vast majority of science professionals that have weighed in on the issue, that the earth is heading towards runaway global warming because of man's actions and that instituting a global system of taxation that will only serve to finance global government and line the pockets of already wealthy serial liars I have to laugh. Face it, the data has been cooked (admitted by both the IPCC and Greenpeace) and the elites sit like spiders waiting to collect more money for nothing both from cap and trade AND from distracting you from making them address real issues.

      When you pretend that anybody who doesn't agree with you simply doesn't care about the environment however, well, that's just the most retarded statement I've ever heard. Personally I'm sure that YOU DO care about the environment even if you are ignorantly and horribly wrong as well as harming the environment through your inaction on the real issues while working to perpetuate a hoax.

      Read up and get a clue Sparky.

  2. BBC says last 10 years cooling.

    “This headline may come as a bit of a surprise, so too might that fact that the warmest year recorded globally was not in 2008 or 2007, but in 1998. But it is true. For the last 11 years we have not observed any increase in global temperatures.

    And our climate models did not forecast it, even though man-made carbon dioxide, the gas thought to be responsible for warming our planet, has continued to rise.”

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