Alex Jones: Americans Have A Gun To Their Heads

The Fall of the Republic, Obama’s unkept promises and lies, the economic crisis as part of a bigger new world order strategy, the swine flu hoax, the fraud behind the fed – Alex Jones talks about all this in an exclusive interview with RT’s Anastasia Churkina.


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  • Polymorpheous

    where are the moderators here?
    lots of “riff raff” coming to the new disinfo…

    • GoodDoktorBad

      I think you just made the “riff-raff” list. Why did you choose this article to spew irrelevent nonsense?

      • Disinformation

        Dok, feel free to create an account and post what you consider “not” to be “nonsense”…

        • GoodDoktorBad

          If you removed the spam, then why not the string of comments referencing it (including this one)?
          Its a bit confusing wouldn't you say? I can make myself look foolish without your help thankyou.
          Please erase this string.

      • Polymorpheous

        nevermind. moderators removed the spam.

        • GoodDoktorBad

          Sorry Poly

  • tonyviner

    This guy's a wacko. Could he be on to something?

  • radiac

    Love him or hate him, he's got some valid points. And I am surprised to hear him calling for NON-violent revolution. I think he is smarter and more independent that most other talking heads, but it's important to remember, he is also a performer with an agenda.

    • GoodDoktorBad

      I might agree with you if you actually bothered to make a point about anything in particular. What points of his do you think are valid? Try backing up your views with something. Enlighten us…