Beatles Songs Finally Available Online (Get ’em While You Can)

Variety reports that dinosaur record company EMI is trying to stop online media company Bluebeat from selling Beatles recordings. The law may be in EMI’s favor so if you want to buy Beatles songs for download online, now may be the time…

An obscure website is brazenly offering the Beatles’ music for sale digitally, much to the dismay of EMI, the group’s record label.

Santa Cruz, Calif.-based apparently began marketing the Fab Four tracks — hitherto unavailable from online music merchants — at lowball prices late last week.

EMI, which distribs Beatles recordings via an agreement with the group’s music company, Apple Corps, filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the company Tuesday in federal court in Los Angeles. Company also issued a curt statement: “EMI has not authorized content to be sold on BlueBeat.”

BlueBeat is a division of Media Rights Technologies, a diversified Northern California digital media distribution firm. Execs at Media Rights Technologies did not respond to phone and email requests for comment.

Observers immediately viewed BlueBeat’s sale of Beatles tracks with suspicion, since even iTunes musicstore, digital music’s industry leader, has never had access to the Beatles’ music. The online sale of the band’s material has been the subject of protracted wrangling between EMI and Apple Corps (not to be confused with Apple Computer, parent company of iTunes)…


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