Big Media

The late comedian George Carlin once observed that Americans have “owners” who “control just about all of the news and information you get to hear.” Do you think of our mainstream media outlets as mouthpieces for balanced journalism? theN3TWORK’s creative team has put together its most comprehensive episode to date, dissecting the power structures behind American corporate media and exposing glaring conflicts of interest. We also encapsulate the most critical changes in media regulation policy over the last century and discuss the implications for the rise of alternative media with the current Director of Project Censored, Peter Phillips.

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  1. tonyviner | Nov 6, 2009 at 12:05 am |

    The girl has a nice ass but that is no excuse to ruin a perfectly good TV. People act like a TV is worthless just because it doesn't have 1080p capabilities.

    I used to live down the road from Monsanto in Illinois, I would walk through there all the time and boy did it stink. The chemicals might have seeped into my brain.

    Leave it to FOX to lie to the public, even the truth is a lie.

    Conformity is the last refuge of the absent minded and weak willed. That gives me a weak stomach.

    Newscorp owns Myspace. No wonder it sucks.

    Kill all the white people, then we'll be free. Seriously, someone needs to kill all the white people. Keep me alive, though, I am alright.

    It is SCARY!

    Don't trust fat people. AT ALL!

    God should have made more Oriental girls.

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