British UN Scientist’s Death Was ‘Not Suicide’

By Jason Lewis in the Daily Mail:

Gordon Brown is being urged to intervene in an investigation into the mysterious death of British scientist Timothy Hampton. The nuclear expert fell to his death from the 17th floor of a UN building in Vienna last month.

Local police and UN officials have suggested that the 47-year-old, who was involved in monitoring illegal nuclear tests by Iran and North Korea, killed himself.

But tests commissioned by his family have raised doubts about the findings of a first post-mortem examination and suggest that Mr Hampton, from Newbury, may have been murdered.

One theory is the scientist could have been strangled, carried from his workplace on the sixth floor and thrown to his death. Richard Benyon, Mr Hampton’s MP, said: ‘I have grave misgivings about this case. I am told Mr Hampton was not suicidal.

‘He was happy in his work, loved living in Vienna and was devoted to his partner and three-year-old child…

2 Comments on "British UN Scientist’s Death Was ‘Not Suicide’"

  1. Musta been the second stringers, since according the Beria, its takes a real artist to make it look like natural causes

  2. web_watcher | Dec 7, 2009 at 3:33 am |

    On his site, Brian records a dream in which he is told this was a murder by the CIA. Brian's dreams have an uncanny way of being true. If this one is true, it may be that Hampton was not willing to play ball with the CIA in their quest for a war with Iran.

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