British Women Claims to Have Two Vaginas

Darragh Worland writes on Tonic:

This story is so peculiar and conjures so many images and questions that we just couldn’t resist mentioning it. Model-turned-talk-show host Tyra Banks had what she called an “international exclusive” interview on her Tyra show Friday with a woman who says she was born with two vaginas.

Yes, you heard right!

Banks opens the interview by saying, “It’s already tough enough having one vagina, and you have two. So, OK: two of everything?”

Lauren, 29, whose last name isn’t mentioned, seems to have a good attitude about her double trouble. She answers Banks’ questions without embarrassment, admitting that she “thinks” she has two periods given that hers last a whopping 21 days. Yikes! (More on Tonic)

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  • skeptic

    Once she started producing the pregnancy hormone (which tells the body to stop ovulation) she might not be able to conceive in the other uterus. The same would be true if she were taking the pill, which is a hormonal method, and would likely work for both, since the entire body is affected. Comparison to two uterine horns is interesting, but cats have estrus only once a year, not menstruation- there are hormonal differences as well as anatomical. What would and wouldn't work to prevent pregnacy here is all theory at this point, but the doctors, writers of this and linked articles, and even the woman herself don't seem to have a really thorough grasp on obvious elements of human biology. Stranger things have happened but the lack of credibility here (Tyra) leads me to wonder if this story is a publicity stunt.

  • xen

    Allow me, as a representative of the internet, to say: “Pics or it didn't happen.”

    You *think* you have two periods? You know who might know? Your gynecologist. If you don't wish to go to your doctor, is it because he or she may diagnose you as an attention whore?

    • psynquantz

      a pic would help you believe? sure you don't need to “test” both holes? i hope some photoshopping gets done to satisfy your fetish.

      • xen

        Oh, it isn't a fetish (well, it likely is, but not mine). I just firmly
        believe this woman is making up her condition to attract attention to
        herself. Attention whores should be no one's fetish, as they do not need to
        be encouraged.

        Also, I would not “test” this woman for any reason. Attention whores are
        distinctly unappealing on a visceral level.

  • Didelphys Uterus Girl

    I have two uterii, two cervixes and two vaginas. The condition is called didelphys uterus and occurs in about 1 in 3,000 women. They do not know what causes the birth defect. This condition causes a much higher miscarriage rate than is seen with women who have normal reproductive equipment.

  • rudis

    shame she didn't have 3, she could have been fucked left right and centre

  • jamiefoote

    I want to see them

  • LipsAreCool

    I thought all women had two! 😉

  • b-dog

    boy; daddy, whats a pussy? dad; its where daddy puts his dinger in mommy to make a baby. boy; daddy, whats a cunt? dad; thats everything that surrounds the pussy !!

  • b-dog

    boy; daddy, whats a pussy? dad; its where daddy puts his dinger in mommy to make a baby. boy; daddy, whats a cunt? dad; thats everything that surrounds the pussy !!

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