Can Mind-Altering Drugs have Mental Health Benefits?

From the Telegraph:

New studies are testing whether psychedelic drugs such as LSD and MDMA can treat OCD, post traumatic stress and cancer related anxiety.

On September 19 this year, 12 people gathered in the suburban Hermsdorf district of Berlin for a group psychotherapy session that allegedly involved illegal drugs. A day later, two of the participants were dead and another in a coma. The substances used and exact cause of death have yet to be confirmed. Local newspaper reports have claimed that heroin and MDMA (ecstasy) were taken, but other drugs may have been in circulation.

Garri Rober, the therapist who led the session which included his wife, Elke, is facing possible charges in connection with the deaths and on suspicion of supplying illegal drugs. The other nine participants were released from hospital the next day.

This tragedy, which received international coverage, threatens to derail a fledgling renaissance in legitimate research using psychedelic drugs in the management of common disorders from migraines to obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety associated with life-threatening illness.

LSD, the drug that was to fuel the Sixties counter-culture, was first explored as a treatment for conditions ranging from neurosis to alcoholism during the Fifties, the “golden age” of psychedelic research. As its use spread from the consulting room to the street, concern about its misuse grew, and it was banned in 1968. MDMA was first used by American therapists in the Seventies before it was adopted by “rave” culture and subsequently banned in 1987.

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