Cannabis College Now Enrolling Students

Tamar Lewin reports for the New York Times on the spread of cannabis culture to higher education in Michigan:

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. — At most colleges, marijuana is very much an extracurricular matter. But at Med Grow Cannabis College, marijuana is the curriculum: the history, the horticulture and the legal how-to’s of Michigan’s new medical marijuana program.

“This state needs jobs, and we think medical marijuana can stimulate the state economy with hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars,” said Nick Tennant, the 24-year-old founder of the college, which is actually a burgeoning business (no baccalaureates here) operating from a few bare-bones rooms in a Detroit suburb.

The six-week, $485 primer on medical marijuana is a cross between an agricultural extension class covering the growing cycle, nutrients and light requirements (“It’s harvest time when half the trichomes have turned amber and half are white”) and a gathering of serious potheads, sharing stories of their best highs (“Smoke that and you are … medicated!”).

The only required reading: “Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible” by Jorge Cervantes…

[continues in the NYT]


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  • jon

    Sounds like a nice little course.

  • brian224

    i want to be at this fucking school!!!

  • Kyzen

    Sign me up sign me up sign me up!!!

  • Shnooky

    Wow i bet liek everyone just busted a nut on themselves when they say this article!

  • Lulu

    Sign me up!!

  • Tony_Orlando

    hah. i already own the textbook.

  • dfg

    Dude, that is the BEST book for learning how to grow.

  • maxpatient

    How many of you are aware that OHSU and Univ. Washington Liver Transplant Teams are using Summary Judgment Tribunals to throw patients that test positive for Cannabis off the Transplant list to DIE?
    I've been told that up to 25 people or possibly more have been sentenced to death so far.
    I know it is true because I am one. There is no authority to demand they show the scientific reason to deny Medical intervention in their deaths. They do not care if the patient is on the OMMP program and are legally using their medicine to avoid Opiate addiction or if State licensed test programs say the patient is not a Marijuana Adduct or if the medicine used is Marrinol. They have no one to answer to. This could easily be you facing a painful bloody death with the Doctors sworn to save their fellow man abandoning you to your fate. DR. seems to mean GOD in this case. Can you help?
    Is this a cause that seems just and valuable or will you wink and nod and look away with the other self righteous citizens??
    Thank you all for reading and considering this situation. Please pardon the pleading tone in this note. It is just that it means survival or death to me.
    Bless you!

    • eliflamman

      I live in Canada. Come up here. You will have a much better chance at getting the medical help you need. I sincerely hope you can get what you need. I have learned a lot recently about US medical care, and it disgusts me.

      • maxpatient

        Thank You for your suggestion and for caring!
        For the short term I will Stand and FIGHT!
        I am not alone, thanks to people like yourself!

  • beav1184

    Where do I sign up

  • Jen A

    i bet i'd get an A++ at the school.

  • Just Blaze

    how can i enroll?

  • Import

    The comment to “come to canada” isn't exactly valid. You can't just move there and expect to get care. You have to live there for a set number of years before it goes into effect. I am a canadian citizen but an american resident and because i have lived in america for 15 years I no longer am allowed the free health care of canada. The healthcare plan in canada is great, if you are seriously sick. But the wait for regular doctor's visits and non-emergency care is insane. Everything has its downside.

  • jacob ainsworth-key

    this sounds amazing i want to sudy there

  • ReaperLuvs2Sk8

    thisSchool looks like I wont hate it at all,but I will become one with it and want to prevail in what I learn!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • romie rome

    wow im going to your college in two years

  • romie rome

    roll that shit and smoke that shit hahaha yea all true pot heads are going there

  • reefer4life

    i already have my cannibus college diploma of basic cannibus knowledge and im trying to enroll here. I need listings.

  • ethos2001

    I wonder how their diplomas look like? 😛

  • inception42

    What's the tuition fee???? :p

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